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Workshop presentations

Please note that the workshop has ended

The Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology workshop 

17-22 September 2018 | Sirsi, Karnataka.

What is this workshop about?

To foster research in plant ecophysiology in India, this 6-day intensive hands-on workshop focused on training students and early career researchers in plant ecophysiology techniques, will be held on 17 – 22 September 2018 in Sirsi, Karnataka. The workshop not only aims to give a comprehensive training to the participants on the principles and techniques of ecophysiological measurements but also to create an opportunity to initiate discussions that may lead to new projects in understanding the functional ecology of the Indian forests. The workshop will include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training that cover various topics including:

  1. Physiology
    • Leaf photosynthesis including gas exchange and fluorescence
    • Thermal tolerance of photosynthesis
    • Plant hydraulics traits; stem hydraulic conductance, leaf water potential measurement
  2. Canopy processes
    • Canopy thermal imaging and leaf temperature measurement using thermocouples
    • Phenology from Phenocam image analysis
  3. Longterm forest inventory measurements and monitoring
    • Tree growth and high-resolution dendrometers; anatomical and isotope analysis
    • Stem and soil respiration measurement

A typical day would include lectures and demonstration session followed by field visit for data collection and analysis segment. Towards the end of the workshop, participants will be encouraged to design experiments, collect data, analyze and discuss findings.

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at highly motivated Masters, PhD and early career researchers from across India. We have limited the number of participants (15 seats) to maximize the quality of the training outcomes. Your application will be screened based on your existing research and on how you think this workshop will benefit you in your ongoing and/or upcoming research. We will also take into account the recommendation by a referee that you would identify.

Tentative schedule

We are still building the schedule, but here it is to get a sense: Workshop schedule


The accommodation for the workshop attendees will be at the Areca Valley Stay at Sirsi in Karnataka. More information about the venue can be found at

Support we offer

  • There is no registration fee for the workshop.
  • Food and accommodation will be provided for the shortlisted candidates for all days of the workshop.
  • Reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed against actual receipts.

Important dates

How to apply

we are not taking in any more registration for the participants. We will contact the selected candidates by 15th August.

If you have any queries, please click here

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